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A Day With Sofia

Hey I'm xo_S0FiA♥


Ok; so you want to learn more about Sofia Ashley? Well, then whats the wait!?
I'm an 18 year-old girl_ legal♥ I'm 100% Colombian blood!! and have been
dancing my entire life, I will someday open my own dance studio. I'm entering my
senior year of high school and am also attending DC part-time to accomplish my goals
as early as possible! My mom is my greatest hero, Rest In Peace she's
the reason I am who I am today. I'll love you forever momma♥ my brothers
and sister are my heart and soul. I don't know where I'd be without them either.
My Tia Natalie has given me so much in life, I have learned to dance because of
her and her ability to let me teach at her studio. I hope to one day follow in her foot
steps. Along with dancing, I am part of FHSCheer captain '09 I have also been
voted as Yearbook editor 09-10♥ and I have been chosen for student advisory
council representative 09-10! This school year is going to be VERY busy!


So, I decided to start up my own livejournal because I feel I need somewhere
that I can just ramble about things going on in my life.. wheather it be boyfriend/friends
or work or school.. personal or explicit.. I just need somewhere I can explode off some steam!

me & my man Alex♥